Blossom Effect: How Paige Tailyn Helps Others Bloom

entrepreneur nature Mar 04, 2024

Paige Tailyn’s interest in plants first "took root" when she and her grandmother planted rose bushes and hibiscus plants. She shares her passion for plants and supporting marginalized voices as CEO and Founder of Blossom Effect, a platform that empowers people of color to nurture not only their plants but also their personal growth and sense of purpose. Paige was also a finalist for an Atomic Grant.

Paige, tell us about your passion. 

I am a passionate plant enthusiast and through Blossom Effect's mission, we celebrate culture and inclusivity through plant education and ownership.

How did you discover your passion, and how long have you been practicing it? Was there a big "aha moment" or did you realize it more slowly?

Blossom Effect was inspired by my late grandmother, Pamela Morgan. We planted the most fragrant rose bushes and the most vibrant hibiscus plants. Those moments stuck with me as they began to cultivate my own green thumb. Later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but the tradition still continued.

After my grandmother’s passing, I made a vow to pursue my biggest dreams which landed me at my alma mater, Clark Atlanta University. There, I reigned as 2017-2018 Miss Sophomore on my platform, which I named Blossom Effect. I made a commitment to create a green space on campus in which students could convene and relax throughout the day. This commitment stuck and people believed in it as I went on to teach more about the importance of plants and gave out Blossom Effect’s first scholarship.

What was happening in your life when you began to discover this passion?

As a black queer woman, my path has been shaped by the colors of my identity. My experiences have illuminated the importance of representation and inclusivity. Blossom Effect isn't just a business—it's my commitment to providing platforms for marginalized voices.

Have you ever hesitated in pursuing your passion? Why? What support has helped you continue?

I have never hesitated in pursuing my passion, but I have encountered moments of discouragement. I have always known that plants offer me a space to explore my creativity, my connection with others, and my connection with myself. Not only do I have a solid familial support system, but I have built a community of fellow plant enthusiasts that believe in me, my vision, and Blossom Effect’s goals.

What have you reprioritized in your life so that you can grow Blossom Effect?

I have had to reinvest my energy in initial funding opportunities. I have lessened my attention towards building a solid marketing plan.

Tell us about one challenge you've encountered. What is it? What tools or strategies have you found helpful?

Sourcing initial capital posed a significant challenge for Blossom Effect, as limited resources hindered our ability to establish a diverse and robust inventory. Overcoming this obstacle required careful allocation and creative solutions to ensure a compelling product range that aligned with our mission.

How would you describe the impact that you're making with Blossom Effect?

Blossom Effect is more than a venture—it's a testament to the transformative power of diversity, representation, and education.

It's an embodiment of the values that its founder, a black, queer woman, holds dear. Through plants, it's sowing the seeds of equality and positive change, inspiring individuals to embrace their identities and forge paths of personal growth and purpose.

What is one "life lesson" you're learning as you follow this path?

Keep going and stay true to you. It is easy to get discouraged and get lost in the whirlwind of social media. Keep in mind YOUR goal and your YOU.

What would you say to a Passionado who is considering exploring a passion?

TRY IT ALL! If you THINK you'd enjoy it — give it a shot.

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