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Welcome to Passion Finder, your guide to living an energized life by doing more of what you love. In today's fast-paced world, finding the time and space to pursue our passions can feel daunting. That's where Passion Finder comes in!

I've created this course specifically for "seekers" like you:¬†big-hearted, ambitious strivers¬†who want to rediscover and activate¬†their passions¬†to feel that¬†spark in themselves ‚Äď and in life ‚Äď again.¬†

With Passion Finder, you'll get no B-S guidance designed to kickstart your journey towards a more fulfilling life. All you need is your phone or computer and a pen to get started.

Think of Passion Finder as a cozy chat over a cup of tea, where there's no pressure, no judgment, and no tests. Instead, you'll find eight engaging lessons, each accompanied by a video from me, to guide you along the way.



Passion Finder

Passion Finder shows you HOW to kickstart your passions.

You'll get: 

    8 lessons, each with video tutorials from Laura Best

    Activity sheets for you to reflect on ‚Äď at your own pace¬†
    Extras will help you get inspired and engage others with your passions
    Every Passion Finder registration receives GUEST PASSES to our Morning Buzz virtual coaching events!

" Passion Finder helped me see what gives me life."

"Passion Finder helped me see what gives me life: leaning into my core values, spiritual gifts and talent in leadership, administration and problem solving.‚ÄĚ

- Lori Freeman, CEO

"Passion Finder" is for you if:

  • You're ending a chapter in your life, and craving direction on¬†what to "be" or "do" next¬†
  • You want to rediscover your¬†"A-Game"¬†in your career
  • Networking events and self-help books¬†have left you uninspired
  • You want "more" from life, but you're not sure how to start
  • You need inspiration that is REAL and will fit with your hectic schedule
  • You love journaling and reflection, but¬†would love extra guidance to follow through
  • You are seeking community and accountability for your path ahead
That's Me, I'm In

Well, hello there Passion Seeker!

I'm Laura Best.

I'm so glad that you've found us!

In 2014, I was a successful marketing leader, a new Mum and also incredibly burned out. 

I was tired - like most of you are - but it was more than that. I had become completely disconnected from the things I loved in work and life. 

Didn't I used to love my job? Didn't I use to feel energized? Didn't I used to have more FUN?! What this it?... I just had to do another 25 years and then retire?!

Was this a mid-life-crisis? I think of it my AWAKENING. 

I knew I needed to rediscover what I was passionate about, and I needed to design my life so I could pursue them. 

And - I wanted to do that with other "Passion Seekers" who felt the same. 

We are now more than 17k "Passionados" strong, and I've taught hundreds of workshops over the years and led a global grant program for women. 

In that time I've seen the courage, the desire, the determination of Passion Seekers all over the world. 

You have the same within you and I know Passion Finder will help.

I can't wait to meet you!

"Passion Finder" will give you

  • Frameworks so that you can feel confident in your journey
  • Knowledge, so that you are grounded in your¬†discoveries
  • Different ways to learn and reflect¬†
  • Inspiration from Passionado stories
  • Practical how-to guides on how to do the hard parts¬†
  • Reassurance that you're not going crazy, and that yes, you can live a passion-first life
  • Encouragement along the way!
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Lesson One: What is Passion?
Sure, we may say we want more energy, more passion in our work and life, but what does that actually mean? What's the history of "passion" and why should it matter?

Lesson Two: What Gets In Our Way
Ever wonder why it's just so flipin' HARD to do more of the things you love? This section dives into the barriers we experience in ourselves and in society. (Get ready to feel very "seen" in this lesson!)

Lesson Three ‚Äď Seven: The "How"!
Here, Laura takes you through her five-step method to rediscovering your passions. 

Lesson Eight: Your Passion Plan
This last lesson will help you wrap up everything you've learned into a Passion plan to help you move forward. 

Every lesson comes with a video tutorial and activity!


Passion Collective has brought me such joy!

The support, guidance, friendship, and fun are simply priceless.

I love being surrounded by people who are driven and passionate about rediscovering and owning what lights them up and making that a part of their career and life.

Erin D, Twin Cities 

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Don't Wait to Kickstart Your Passions

Listen to that voice inside that's telling you to rediscover your spark. You know you have more to give to yourself and others and you know you have it in you. Let Passion Finder help! 

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