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We are the community of passion seekers 

Our story

Back in 2014, I was a successful marketing leader – if you'd met me then, you'd have thought that I "had it all". The career, the beautiful family, the life in "America".

Yes, it's true, I had so much to be thankful for, but I realized that I wanted more, but that my definition of "more" was changing.

This wasn't just a job change, this was a life change. And I had work to do.

Thing is, I didn't want to go to another networking event or conference. I didn't have the time, cash or courage to try new hobbies, although I craved more fun. I already had a gym. I was reading the books, repeating the mantras, writing the journal, signing up for the online classes. Something was missing.

That something was other women, and the energy created when we share ideas, encouragement and have each others’ backs.

Where we just get each other's barriers because we've been there. Where you learn about cool new stuff women are just DOING, fearlessly and with joy.

I realized that I didn't know where to find this place. So, I set out to create it.

Now, years later, we are a global community of passion seekers of all genders and backgrounds, connected with the universal desire to live a passion-seeking life. 


We've helped Passion Seekers all over the globe!

Passion Collective has always been about action. So, in 2019, we launched Atomic® Grants. We gave cash and coaching to 16 women from Ukraine to Cameroon, from Hawaii to Uganda. 

We received more than 10,000 applications from over 50 countries. WOW! See what the power of pursuing your passions can do?!

These Passionados turned that support into incredible programs, activities, organizations that are helping countless people today.

In 2023, after four incredible years, we closed the Grant program so that we could focus on our next chapter.

However, the impact lives on! 

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We celebrate 10 years of community in 2024, and we've only just begun. Here are a few of our highlights!

Words to Live By

"We literally get one life. Are you living it for yourself, or others?"


We're In The News!

Rising Icons

The “Rising Icons” series  highlights passion-driven leaders.

”Why do you believe the work you do matters?”

Laura: Because life is a gift, and spending more of your time doing the things you love helps you live it. 

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Empower Hour

Laura Best sat down with Alyza James to talk about the experiences that led her to start Passion Collective as a space where women can take their armor off and explore their passions.


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MN Tech Mag

Laura Best was featured in MN Tech Mag, where she shared how to find meaning in your career and the importance of passion at work.

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Brummie Mummies

Laura spoke with Zoe Chamberlain, founder of UK parents community Brummie Mummies, about finding a sense of belonging. 

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Twin Cities Business

"Local Women’s Professional Group Goes Global During Pandemic."

Laura Best’s Passion Collective turns to virtual programming; attracts women across the country and beyond.

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Schmidt List

Laura Best joins technology leader Kurt Schmidt in a discussion about how leaders can reignite their true passions in career and life.

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We share these beliefs: 

  • We deserve to be happy and fulfilled.

  • We all have passion within us.

  • We have each other's backs, always.

  • We decide what lights us up. No-one else.

  • We use our unique passions to lift others up.