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A passion-first life gives you the energy and fulfillment you deserve, so that you can be the BEST you can be.

Passion Collective helps “passion seekers” rediscover and pursue the things they love in work and life.


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Hi, I'm Laura

Do you ever think: "how did I get here?..."

You’ve checked the boxes of success you’ve given yourself (and others have assigned to you) and yet… something is missing. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to be passionate about your life, to do work that fills you up, to express yourself creatively, to give back in a way that feels good and quite simply - have FUN!

You still want to be your “best”, but you’re not sure what that even looks like anymore. What you do know is: you’re far from being done!

I get it – this was me in 2014, a marketing leader and new Mum who, on the outside, had it all. But, on the inside, I was thinking: “Is this it? There has to be more…” But, I didn’t know what that “more” was – I had lost sight of those things that lit me up, and I had no clue how I’d find the time and energy to even begin.

So, I started Passion Collective, a community for Passion Seekers who wanted to feel more alive, connected and driven in their lives by doing more of the things they LOVED.

Since 2014, we’ve welcomed thousands of “Passionados” to our events, coaching and courses and helped countless Passion Seekers ignite their creativity, careers and their philanthropy.

Join us as we all pursue our passion journeys together – I can’t wait to meet you!

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"Passion Collective has given our team an opportunity to grow in a unique and powerful way!"

"You don’t get these kinds of experiences and conversations anywhere else. I have left every session feeling inspired and wanting to live a more meaningful life, both professionally and personally.

Hannah S, 


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Be “creative” without feeling like a failure?

Do more of the work that fills you up?

Start that side hustle that you’ve been dreaming of?

Help others in ways that you enjoy?

Step into who YOU really are, now, in this chapter of your life?


Passion Collective has provided a steady drumbeat of a community to lean on and dive into when I don’t know where to go next.

Over the years, there are times when I’ve felt confident and soared from one challenge to the next - and Passion Collective has been there to cheer me on.

And then there have been the times where I just don’t quite know what to do, where to turn, how to pick myself up - and the community has been there to lift me up and help me find my feet again.

Jen, CEO



We get it – doing more of the things you love in life is HARD. 

Life is beyond busy. The pressure to organize, deliver and serve never goes away. 

How do we find the time, the ideas, the courage to do MORE of the things we love?

To truly FEEL our lives again, to FEEL like ourselves?

Our new course – Passion Finder – will show you how... 

Hosted by our founder, Laura Best you'll get 8 lessons, video tutorials, activities AND bonuses to guide your path ahead! 




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Laura Best is a nationally recognized keynote speaker who loves nothing more than to energize a room of people curious about how to bring more passions into their work and life. 

“Laura’s session on “Supercharge Your Life + Work” left a lasting impact on me. As a woman in business, her content resonated deeply and left me feeling more empowered than ever. What stood out was the interactive nature of the presentation, making the learning experience both engaging and enjoyable. Laura’s personable approach made the session even more enriching – her insights are a must-hear for all aspiring leaders.”

— Krystal Wallace, Head of HR

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"Passion Collective has brought me such joy.

The support, guidance, friendship, and fun are simply priceless.

“I love being surrounded by people who are driven and passionate about rediscovering and owning what lights them up and making that a part of their career and life.”

Erin, CEO

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