Seeker #4 | June 05, 2024

How to overcome "passion procrastination"

Dear Passion Seeker, 

When it comes to doing more of the things you love in work and life, do you ever find yourself saying, "I've always meant to..." or "It's on my bucket list," yet never quite get around to it? 

You’re not alone (me included)!

I call this Passion Procrastination, and it's something we all grapple with.

Why do we hesitate? Often, it’s the fear of disappointment – what if we don't love the new activity as much as we hoped?

Then there's the fear of effort – the daunting thought of starting something new.

And the fear of taking time for ourselves, feeling guilty or selfish for pursuing our own passions. (Side note – you are ALWAYS worth it, my friend.)

So, what if we could overcome these barriers? Here are three actions that have helped me: 

Take the Pressure Off 

You want to know my FAVORITE way to get my a** off the couch?! 

Tell yourself that you'll give it a 75% effort. Or even 50% if you're feeling really sluggish.

I guarantee it will help get you out of the door. 

Stop trying to give everything 100%. No-one will notice but you...

You don’t need to win Wimbledon to try tennis, or quit your job to contribute differently at work.

Want to get back into playing your cello? First, dig it out of the attic. 

Dreaming of fly fishing, Brad Pitt style? Clean your fishing tackle! (You get the idea...)

Each small step builds momentum and begins the process of what the experts call “Deliberate Practice” which helps us nurture what we love. 

Anticipate the Good Stuff 

If you’re a classic “worrier” like me, you’ve probably become an expert at anticipating and mitigating ALL THE THINGS that might go wrong with a new endeavour. 

(P.S. This isn’t doomsday thinking, it is often a major factor in the success we've created so far in our careers and lives.)

But, when it comes to the things we love, we have to imagine how good the outcomes will feel.

Visualize the satisfaction of learning something new, the fun of being in a new environment, or even the peace of mind that you’ve tried something and you know it isn’t for you.

Focusing on the outcome can be a powerful way to get you moving! 

Find a Passion BFF

Accountability and shared experiences can make a world of difference to showing up for our passions. Find a friend who shares your interest or is willing to try something new with you*. Not only does it add a layer of commitment, but it also makes the journey more enjoyable. 

*If you have a friend who you've been meaning to catch up with, book a Passion Date instead! Think of how productive you'll both feel!:) 


This month, try these things, and let me know how you get along. Nothing would make me happier than to hear about your progress!

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