Seeker #5 | July 09, 2024

How to add "adventure"
to our lives...

Dear Passion Seeker,

When I was 26, I made a life-changing leap by emigrating to the United States. Leaving behind everything familiar to start anew was invigorating and daunting.

I left London with a suitcase, $500 and my snowboard, with my beloved Dad waving me off, telling me to "fly".

(That's me in the photo below, checking my paper ticket, looking rather nervous!)

I remember the first time I went grocery shopping in Minneapolis, and realized how different the cereal boxes were (isn't it funny how details stay with us?).

And, the shock of my first midwestern winter, plus the loneliness of being a long, long way from home.

Then, the ad agency that I was just finding my feet at announced big salary cuts.

Shortly after, I was laid off, along with a third of the staff, just 9 months after I had landed on US soil (!!). 


I had no money, no job and as a visa holder, 3 weeks to get a new one (almost impossible) or leave the country, and my adventure behind (unthinkable.)


Thankfully, I had a circle of supportive friends, one of whom offered me a job in his start-up. From there, my career in Digital Marketing and my adventure in America continued. 

"Adventure" often isn't easy. It's tied so closely to dreams, to our sense of identity and hope.

And yet, when we find it, it can fill us up more than any Netflix show.

As we go through life, adventure can often seem to fade, with bills, email, politics, laundry, jobs, caring for others. And yet, it still has the capacity to remind us of our spark and our unique abilities to enjoy life. 

And so, if we want to do more of the things we love, it becomes even more important to find the moments of adventure in our lives, even if we only have an hour to spare. 

If you're feeling this, consider:

1. What Thrills You?

OK, so bungee jumping may not be your thing anymore (kudos to anyone who has ‚Äď it's on my "hell no!" list), even if that was how you got your thrills in your 20s. Why did you love it? Was it the sense of freedom? Overcoming danger? The sense of accomplishment? How can you (safely) find those feelings again, in a way that fits who you are today?

2. Adventure Doesn't Need To Be Physical 

"Adventure" often looks like oceans or cliff faces, but really, all it means is exploring unknown territory. You can find your adventure in whatever way you choose. As we progress in our careers and lives, the experiences we gather can make us feel that we have nothing more to learn ‚Äď not in an arrogant way, more like "I have enough, I know enough." But, there is always more to explore. So, ask yourself: What is unknown to you? What spark lies there that you'd like to uncover?¬†

3. Bravery Is More Than A BandAid

Adventure requires courage, but we often only realize how brave we were when we look back on how we leapt, how we crushed our challenges. Those moments can be big and small, from wiping away a tear from an injury, pivoting your career, starting a family after a tragic loss, to raising your hand to share a controversial opinion. 

Remember the bravery inside of you, and apply it to the adventure you desire!

This month, let’s commit to pursuing our passions by infusing our lives with a bit more "adventure". I’d love to hear about your experiences and what new things you’re trying out. Nothing would make me happier than to hear about your progress!

Cheers to new adventures and brave steps!

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