The best part about the Even Happier Hour was getting to meet some new wonderful, strong, funny, creative women, and the opportunity to learn and encourage each other about our work and life paths. I felt like people were genuinely open to meeting new people. Thank you, Laura, for bringing us together! You are the magnet!
— Mari: storyteller, healer
“That was such a creative and beautiful event! You inspire me!”
— Heather: college instructor, Rollergirl
“I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on a wonderful event last night - very well done and so fun! I was really inspired by everyone who shared something - it was incredible. They are so brave and inspiring.”
— Kristy: Business leader
We all know how easy it is to show up at a “networking” event and stick to the few people you already know. Or to feel uncomfortable asking for connections/introductions/help etc. I like knowing that everyone there is on the same page and that we are women of action!
— Rhea: Entrepreneur
“So happy you’re doing this! Can’t wait to see what comes out of it!”
— Jen: Brilliant Producer
“This is so awesome! Can’t wait to join in on some of the events!”
— Mara: Pretty Awesome Woman
“Having a short interaction with you was powerful enough to let me know that you surround yourself with others who are always inspiring. I need the jump start to expand my circle!”
— Jill: Rock-star designer
“Life goes better when people are connected and can tell it.”
— Linda: Inspiring leader
I always used to say “we’re getting there” without knowing where ‘there’ was, but trusted that I would know when it happened. Cannot wait! 😍
— Angela: Marketing Maven
“This is a really fantastic group of smart, talented women and I feel lucky to have met them. I made some great connections tonight and I’m hoping to help connect some folks to opportunities as well.”
— Laurie: Designer, UX expert