D Day Jitters

Hold your horses, Saving Private Ryan. It’s not exactly D Day. No-one is losing lives or saving democracy. It’s “just’ our first Even Happier Hour of the year this evening….

Yet, it feels like a big deal. IT IS A BIG DEAL!

I’ve felt nervously excited for days, going through the details in my mind. Mostly, it’s me pulling myself back from over-pleasing (or trying to - ha! good luck with that one….).

But it feels big, in that energy is building. We’ve had almost 50 sign ups for tonight - that’s 70% more than our last Happy Hour. I realized that this morning as I ran through the evening for the millionth time.

That is something to be proud of, beach landing or not. Regardless of what happens tonight, I have put my full self, my full heart into this experience. Will it be perfect? No, I know I will come away with many ideas of how to enhance it next time. What matters more tonight is how our Passionados leave feeling. Hopefully, sparked, lit up, encouraged, supported, motivated. validated.

Eight years ago today, at this time of writing, I was 4 hours into labor with my daughter Sophia. We thought she’d come today but she took 17 hours to launch herself into our lives. Good things come to those who wait;)

Embracing the "no"

Remember when we used to look stuff up in Encyclopedias? (“Huh"?” Say the under 40s?.) It was the only way to figure stuff out. We went down our own versions of our rabbit holes by looking through the “F” chapter while recording our mixtapes on our fancy double cassette players…(oooooh the fun..). Or we tinkered with things for hours to find that one little thing that could be fixed. If all else failed, we asked. And most of the time, we learned the answer.

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If it was easy, everyone would do it...

A month ago I quit my corporate job to become an entrepreneur.

4 years ago I started something that I did out of a craving to connect with other women. I missed those sassy, fun, intelligent women - we had all got so busy creating our lives that we didn’t have the time or energy to connect beyond the occasional happy hour. I needed the energy of a group of women sharing stuff they loved, talking through challenges and helping each other out. I couldn’t find it, so I started it and called it Passion Collective.

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